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Larchwood Foods Ltd
Larchwood Foods Ltd

Hall Farm
Kings Lynn
PE33 9DQ
Tel: 01366 348 025
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Larchwood Foods produces the UK’s finest extra virgin,
cold pressed rapeseed oil.
We have been a farming family for many generations throughout
Norfolk, where we strive to farm responsibly and sustainably. With
our extensive knowledge of the rapeseed crop which we have been
growing for the past 25 years, our experience in farming ensures
that our farms grow only the healthiest crops and deliver products
of the highest quality.After recognising the growing popularity of rapeseed oil and an increased demand from consumers for a wider variety of oils which
are locally produced and low on food miles, we created Mr Hugh’s.
Grown, harvested, pressed and bottled at Hall Farm in Norfolk, our
two products, Mr Hugh’s Gourmet and Mr Hugh’s Extra Virgin,
Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil are healthy, delicious and traditionally British.

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