HayMax Frankincense™

HayMax Frankincense™ has been used for centuries for a great variety of things including anxiety, coughing, ashma and its incense.

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HayMax Ltd

Hay Fever? Dust or Pet Allergy? HayMax allergen barrier balms have been proven to trap over 1/3 of pollen before it enters the body, when applied sparingly to the rim of the nostrils. Less allergen, less reaction! In a 2015 independent survey by Allergy UK, when asked ‘Overall did HayMax Work?’ 80% of respondents said ‘Yes’. HayMax is drug-free, non-drowsy and 100% organic which is fantastic for anyone looking to avoid drugs. The multi award-winning balms are suitable for children and adults, including pregnant & breastfeeding women. The balms can be used on their own, and also alongside other medications. Parents find it particularly useful for their kids at exam time, when studies have shown that irritating hay fever symptoms and antihistamines can cause them to drop a whole grade. The allergen barrier balms are non-greasy and very simple to apply; even kids can apply it themselves and take it to school! In ten years, the balms have won over 40 awards and we regularly receive fantastic feedback from people who love HayMax. Will you be one of them? “It is absolutely incredible, and has allowed me to enjoy summer again! - Craig Just wanted say how much I love HayMax, it’s so good to find something that works and doesn't have side effects. I would recommend to anyone struggling with hay fever or other allergies. Julie I have to walk through fields of long pollen laden grass twice a day and I havent reached for the tablets once! Elizabeth

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