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Anglia Ruskin University ‘A Vision for the Future of University Catering’ As Orson Welles once said: ‘Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch. Happily, the students and staff at Anglia Ruskin University regularly do both; they enjoy courses in subjects within the Faculties of Business, Arts Law & Social Science, Education, Health & Social Care and Science & Technology, while also being able to take advantage of catering facilities that offer everything from snacks and meals through to banquets and graduation ceremonies. One of the largest universities in the UK, with a total student population of 26,000, Anglia Ruskin’s main campuses in Cambridge and Chelmsford attract students not only from the East of England, but also in increasing numbers from mainland Europe and the rest of the world. Both campuses have a wide variety of friendly and relaxed dining areas on-site. Hot and cold main meals, light snacks and drinks can be purchased in the communal and social areas, These catering outlets pride themselves on offering options and cuisines to suit the tastes of British and international students and staff, and those with special diets. In Chelmsford, the main restaurant provides everything from a simple cup of tea or fresh brew coffees in the various cafes on the campus to a full hot meal with desserts as well as vegetarian offers and healthy options. In Cambridge, there is also a restaurant with similar offerings and a choice of cafes on site, where you can surf the net over a coffee. Excellent catering services are set for further improvement, due to additional investment of £40 million. This will mainly be for new teaching areas and lecture theatres. There are also plans for a new kitchen and dining facilities for both students and staff. Anglia Ruskin enjoys strong relationships with the wider business community. Further on-campus development will only serve to enhance and increase the opportunities for the University to expand its interests by increasing its commercial income during the vacation months. Additional business ventures will benefit from the addition of a new 400-seat theatre at the University which will be ideal for corporate functions and other events bringing increased demand for catering. A significant number of hospitality services are available for University meetings and functions and for external clients. They range from banquets to special dinners, and this is an area of business which is growing year on year. Extra catering is also offered for Summer Schools and Open Days. All of this is made possible as a result of the skills, experience and flexibility of the catering team: a team that encompasses, between the two campuses, 40 staff, including chefs, hospitality personnel, and catering managers. This enthusiastic and talented group of people, in tandem with considerable investment and genuine vision for the future, will help to ensure that Anglia Ruskin University retains its pre-eminent position within the academic hierarchy - not only in its variety of courses and level of teaching, but in the cafes and restaurants too.


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