Menstrual Cup Medium

The GENTLE DAY® menstrual cup is a natural alternative to tampons and pads. Its function is to collect the flow of your period The menstrual cup is made with Medical Grade TPE, it’s hypoallergenic and avoids causing skin irritation. The menstrual cup is reusable and recyclable, free of: silicone, latex, BPA and phthalate, and ecological and economical.

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Gentle Day

GENTLE DAY®  is a brand of awesome products for women, by women.  The GENTLE DAY® brand stands out because of the spirit of innovation and genuine concern about a woman's health and environment. Our products are designed to provide women with the ultimate comfort and a peace of mind. Therefore, they feature skin-friendly pH, are air permeable, and free of harmful chemicals.

Family-owned company was born in 2009. We've launched our first line of feminine hygiene products in Europe. Currently, our products are distributed in 15 European countries and loved by 1,000,000 women.

GENTLE DAY® pads and liners have revolutionized the European feminine hygiene product market by creating a new niche of eco-certified high-performance products: luxurious, but not by their price tag; eco-certified, but featuring great absorption and functionality.
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