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Exclusively vegetarian  

At Cowherds we are a cafe with a conscience for the health conscious. We run as a pop-up vegetarian and vegan cafe based in Salford, Manchester. We are a Social Enterprise and raise awareness of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. We offer cookery classes, catering and events. The cafe takes its name from Reverend William Cowherd who lived in Salford over 200 years ago. His church group would meet in the ironically named Beefsteak Chapel. It was from there the ideas of vegetarianism in Britain were first formed. Cowherds congregation were meat free from 1809. He supported his parishioners in many ways and was known to give them free vegetable soup, medical help, and a free burial. At Cowherds we want to keep that community spirit and goodwill alive by engaging with other area initiatives and organisations to give back in a fun and tasty way! The Reverend was quoted to have said “ If God had meant us to eat meat,then it would of come to us in edible form as the ripened fruit”. At Cowherds we don’t agree with with the unnecessary suffering of animals and that is why the eggs that we use within our products only come from humane farms, where the animals live to the end of their natural lives. All our products are all homemade with the best quality ingredients, from the incredibly popular and oh so more-ish coconut and lentil curry, to our flavour packed chilli and seasonal soups. We also have healthy vegan cakes and flapjacks, which are all baked in the shop. We have a no sugar policy and use natural alternatives such as agave and stevia. We make juices and smoothies to order and you can supercharge them with our superfood powders and seeds like macs, chia, wheatgrass and Spirilina. We also make the best paprika kale chips around and offer a great selection of guilt free raw cakes and puddings. We are always on the lookout for new local projects to be involved with and have a vast array of exciting events coming up. Please check our website for further details and to see where will be popping up next!


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