222 Vegan Cuisine Restaurant

222 North End Road | London | W14 9NU | United Kingdom
Tel: 020 7381 2322

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Exclusively vegetarian   Disabled access   Dairy free   Children's menu   Licensed bar   Bring your own   Take out menu  

A review by a member of The Vegetarian Society: After a busy day of setting up our stand at the International Food Exhibition my colleague and I were looking forward to a nice relaxing meal. We decided to pay a visit to 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant. The restaurant has only been opened since December 2004 and the Head Chef Ben Asamani previously managed the kitchens at Country Life and Plant restaurants. When we sat down to look at the menu we couldn’t make our minds up what to choose. The choice of starters looked amazing with such delights as Avocado Pomodoro, and Bean and Tofu Pancake. The main dishes were as equally appetising. Ray decided to choose Ben’s Special which is a West Indian stir-fry with whole-grain basmati rice with fresh vegetables and a choice of either seitan or tofu cubes. I certainly wasn’t disappointed with my choice which was a dish called 222 Gardens which was described as ‘a taste of eastern and Afro-Caribbean cooking all on one plate’. There are also a good choice of desserts on offer such as Tofu Cheesecake and Vegan Pancake. The food in the restaurant is both healthy and tasty and some of the options are wheat free or can be made wheat free. I certainly will be paying them a visit again. (by Jane O’Leary)


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